Max Richter In Concert: Reimagining Vivaldi

For those who enjoy a longer listen (93:06 to be exact).

Max Richter grew tired of Vivaldi’s warhorse The Four Seasons which reputedly features on over 250 separate recordings. Instead of writing off the piece forever, however, Richter rewrote it. He blended Vivaldi’s work with his own music, tucking in some light electronics for a modern makeover. Here he performs it with violinist Daniel Hope.

In this NPR Music offering the video quality is as stunning as the music.

mu - Max Richter, vivaldi


3 thoughts on “Max Richter In Concert: Reimagining Vivaldi

  1. only 250? LOL!
    i daresay, this is better. i really like it. and coming from where i am…
    and i say this as i hear it in one ear, sports on the TV in the other (room noise), an oboe being practiced in one room, a piano in another – all while reading a book about how the internet is fragmenting my brain. clearly i have immense powers of concentration ; )
    bookmarking this link
    and i want credit for bravery, too :)

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