stop, you’re killing me here!!

fl - happy seal


3 thoughts on “stop, you’re killing me here!!

  1. Oh Anake, that is precious, though I have to confess I had an awful chill run up my spine as soon as I saw the photo, as that baby seal is beyond adorable, and I know that they are clubbed to death by some, which turns my stomach, so your title sparked an awful spasm in my heart….

    • thanks for your comment Lori. i stared at the title words for some time before posting this, with all those same thoughts and contradictory reactions firing inside me. and then decided that this is, of course, the real challenge; to be able to smile and glow in our uniquely (we assume ;) human way, while also keeping it real and owning the hard questions. and doesn’t THAT line of thought start to add further dimensions to this image!?

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