Brainwave – Seth

artist: Seth, Paris

artist: Seth, Paris France

4 thoughts on “Brainwave – Seth

      • Hello Anake,
        Thanks for your answer.I appreciate.
        Yes I live near Paris and I wanted to take pictures of most os his paintings that I can found. I am preparing a “road trip” for that.
        I knew this artist by visiting the tower 13 that was a street art event which involved 100 artists from all the world. They can make them art in a building which be destroy in the beginning of this year to be replace by new apartments. The exposition was open only during October 2013 and It was such a success that we have to wait around 7 hours to visit it.But the last day they decide to open it during 24h so I waited “only ” 4h.
        If you want to visit the tower :
        I post one artist by day…
        I wish you a happy new year .

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