“Beware the Black Cat” – Anake Goodall

image credit: Anake Goodall

image credit: Anake Goodall 2013

3 thoughts on ““Beware the Black Cat” – Anake Goodall

  1. Of two minds about this, Anake. I’ve always heard that many black cats are murdered simply because they’re black and people are afraid, which breaks my heart. Apparently also difficult for black dogs to be adopted…for the same reason… :-(

    • i’m with you Lori; and i like black cats. this little darling is actually a seal point Burmese before ‘treatment’ with Picasso. i was attracted to her classic pose and then wondered how that could then be most simply highlighted. unsurprisingly, i guess, highlighting her outline black was the most effective. aren’t these superstitions a) powerful and b) most curious. personally, i’m more an “embrace the black cat” sort of guy ; )

      • You’re right, Anake, the silhouette is beautiful….and yes, superstitions are a a strange thing. I grew up Ina small farming community in the Midwest, and there are a fair amount of them there, many revolving around planting of crops, care of livestock, that sort of thing…. Guess in a strange way it gives people a means of “controlling”/ making sense of the world….

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