Felix Baumgartner: at a stratospheric height


4 thoughts on “Felix Baumgartner: at a stratospheric height

  1. as someone who had one very minor mishap during my too brief skydiving pasttime (at Wigram) in her misspent youth, I am always beyond awestruck by this incredible feat.
    Reblogging with thanks

    • ah, birds of a feather Makere! i did a jump down south early 1980s and broke a bone in my foot in the process. hurt like hell (and of course i denied it and just toughed it out as a true Southern Man must). man, wasn’t it a blast though!!

      • My first jump – back in the late 60s when we used old army chutes and spent six weeks practicing dumping our chutes and doing parachute landing rolls which resulted in interesting shades of black and blue at times -only resulted in a sprained ankle. Of course there was the bone-crunching jerk upwards and the moment when the world went black, until I realised that my helmet had fallen down over my eyes! And then, what a stunning vista, what an incredible buzz indeed! Who could possibly get ready to land and roll in time with all that spread at one’s feet! Lol
        then there was the time when, weighing 8 stone nothing, I picked up the wrong chute, my weight didn’t seem as though it was going to bring the main down chute down out of its sleeve in time… Of course it eventually did but I overshot Wigram significantly… And the time when, poised with my foot on the step and hanging onto the strut for dear life, I decided I didn’t want to jump ..with the pilot throttling back and my jumpmaster shouting at me to let go and jump…. Ah, those really and truly were the days… :)

  2. Reblogged this on The Turning Spiral and commented:
    I am always in awe of the human spirit that leads to such mind-boggling achievements. This one surely caps everything and I am in awe all over again. Thanks to Anake for posting this.

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