Yoann Bourgeois Cavale

3 thoughts on “Yoann Bourgeois Cavale

  1. Fascinating, Anake. Part dance, part theatre, and somehow so poignant. I was overcome by a feeling of sadness and desolation while watching this. Somehow it conveyed feelings of futility for me…..

    • oh dear, i shall have to remove it immediately Lori! ;)

      i was in awe at the coordination and control and fluidity (i find walking in a straight line without tripping over to be challenging enough ;) i do get the futility / repetitive / never-ending / going nowhere point. a bit like a daily routine perhaps?

      • Awww, how sweet you are!

        I agree with you about the coordination and control–the way they bounced off of that trampoline again and again was amazing… And yes, perhaps it is the “daily grind.”

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