Jack Bruce with Cream – Complete Reunion Concert 2005

A high-definition dedication to the memory of Jack Bruce (died 10/25/2014), one of the world’s greatest rock bass players. Entire live performance of Jack Bruce (RIP), Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker at the Cream reunion tour concert at Royal Albert Hall, London England, taken from four shows in May 2005.

Song setlist:
1 I’m So Glad (James)
2 Spoonful (Dixon)
3 Outside Woman Blues (Reynolds)
4 Pressed Rat and Warthog (Baker, Taylor)
5 Sleepy Time Time (Bruce, Godfrey)
6 N.S.U. (Bruce)
7 Badge (Clapton, Harrison)
8 Politician (Bruce, Brown)
9 Sweet Wine (Baker, Godfrey)
10 Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (Waters)
11 Stormy Monday (Walker)
12 Deserted Cities of the Heart (Bruce, Brown)
13 Born Under a Bad Sign (Jones, Bell)
14 We’re Going Wrong (Bruce)


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