“Generosity Experiment” – TED: Sasha Dichter


One thought on ““Generosity Experiment” – TED: Sasha Dichter

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    His comments re micro financing are absolutely correct. It IS a huge cause of suicides in India. Yet I also contribute to KIVA – and I think perhaps now I will redirect that. On saying yes, I’ve leaned over 11 years here to moderate the times that I say yes. Nonetheless Ive had so many soul-stirring conversations on the street and in cafes through saying yes and I’ve learned a lot in the process. Bihar… I’ve been there and its never, ever left me and never will. The poverty is appalling yet the people are so unbelievably generous. I have wanted to return there ever since.
    On finance and the role of markets, is return on investment the measure of success? absolutely not. Is this the right model? Maybe. One thing is certain, we need a new model of economics, one that has generosity of spirit at its heart. Perhaps this is half a a step towards that.

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