About Anake

Thanks for dropping by!

This is my first blog attempt so please forgive the glitches and the misfires. In the spirit of the collective creative space which we all increasingly occupy I am committed to attempting engagement and contribution, and leaving behind my more typical aspirations of perfection in all things.

This site is accordingly likely to remain quirky, random and eclectic (a little like its author some might say!). I am interested in a wide range of things: from humanity’s need to identify – quickly – more equitable, robust and integrated economic and natural resource management models; to renewable energy and localisation; to community self-determination and resilience; to science and technology and space; to the phenomenon of the burgeoning social media; to philanthropy and social entrepreneurs; to indigenous communities in all of their colour and diversity; to art, music and writing.

As well as exploring these various frontiers, and pondering the interconnections and interdependencies and the myriad resulting possibilities, I am also keen to use that random walk to explore self.


Anake Goodall
Aotearoa New Zealand


I also maintain virtual presences at:

28 thoughts on “About Anake

    • David, you’re very generous. Thank you. I get my inspiration to at least have a go from all you guys out there doing it; what a wonderful creative space! I look forward to staying connected in the blogosphere. Namaste!

  1. Hi Anake, I very much like the pictures you are posting. Where do you find them? Are you producing art yourself? ps thank you for following my new blog please have a look at my second blog which I am writing since almost two years. Lisa

    • hi Lisa. thanks for visiting and for your interest. my eye is caught by various images as i go for classic ‘random walks’ across sites so i’m really just attempting to connect with attraction and instinct and personal expression to see what happens. thanks also for the L.I. connection, and i look forward to staying in virtual touch ;)

  2. I realise now I’ve followed you for a bit that I love pretty much everything you post up here! I really enjoy the visual feast you lay before us, making us fat with inspiration ;) Brilliant stuff!! Thank you

    • and thank you. “fat with inspiration” is such a wonderful phrase! i very much appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing my attempts to pass it ‘forward’ ;)


  3. Anake, thank you for stopping and liking a recent post. I look forward to following your blog with its quirky and eclectic offerings. We need more of the creative elements that your blog offers in this world.

    Take care,


  4. Hello Anake,

    thank you very much for stopping by and liking my post. I’m rather confused though, do you also speak Greek?

    In any case, be well! I also like your blog.

    • thanks Billy. alas no, i can’t read Greek (although many of my friends think that my handwriting looks rather like Greek ;) the wonderful people at Google do a great job with their translation software, however. very best regards …

    • Hey Maree

      I really appreciate hearing about mix ups like this and having the opportunity to rectify them. I go to some pains to attribute things accurately as I want to respect those that create all these wonderful images and art. So the fact that this post had the wrong name attached simply means that the image is out there somewhere in internet land with this wrong credit attached to it, and I have simply replicated the error. If you had the time you could probably use Google to search both the image and ‘David Lynch’ and you might find other copies of the mistake.

      Anyways, at least we now have one piece of the record set straight!

      Best …

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