Millennium Promise

This programme aims to help targeted villages reach the 2015 Millennium Goals, as established by the United Nations.

Fourteen villages are the focus of these Millennium Promise efforts (Koraro, Ethiopia; Bonsaaso, Ghana; Dertu, Kenya; Sauri, Kenya; Gumulira, Malawi; Mwandama, Malawi; Tiby, Mali; Toya, Mali; Ikaram, Nigeria; Pampaida, Nigeria; Mayange, Rwanda; Potou, Senegal; Mbola, Tanzania; and Ruhiira, Uganda).

Meanwhile the debate around the most effective methods of intervention continues. The Millennium Promise attracts its share of praise and criticism in equal measure, as evidenced by this recent article in The Nation for example.

The recently released Millennium Promise 2012 annual report can be accessed here. Efforts are being redoubled for the remaining two year period to advance the goals as far as possible by the targeted 2015 deadline and further fundraising is being done to this end.

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